Does Herbalife Work

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Herbalife before and after picRecently I’ve had a lot of people ask me the question, “Does Herbalife work?” The difficulty in answering this question is that it depends a lot on the person who is “doing Herbalife”. A person can drink Herbalife shakes and also eat fast food 3 times a day… That’s not going to work.

As you can see in the picture to the side of this article, it clearly worked for me, and it continues to work for me now. So the question of whether or not Herbalife works really comes down to the person doing the program. In this article I’m going to not just write about how herbalife works, but what I’ve done to make it work for me.

So how does Herbalife work?

Although the company offers many other products that are unrelatedĀ to weight loss, (see my store by clicking the button to the right) when people talk about Herbalife they usually mean the Herbalife weight loss shakes.

The weight loss shakes that the company offers are actually meal replacement shakes. They are filled with nutrients which are meant to replace the nutrients of a normal meal.

The fact that you’re consuming a shake as a meal rather than a solid meal helps with weight loss because of how easy it is to digest. But that’s not all there is to it.

These weight loss shakes are also usually taken with Herbalife tea, some aloe juice, and also sometimes these metabolism boosting pills (but in my case I didn’t take the pills).

The combination of all these products helped me get the results I was looking for (I lost about 50 pounds in 4 months).

So… Does Herbalife really work? How I did it.

I was in Florida one summer when I first started Herbalife. I honestly believes that the heat, the amount of water I was drinking, and the Herbalife shakes all contributed to my weight loss.

I was drinking close to a gallon and a half of water every day. I was also sweating a lot, because I was outside several hours of the day. In the morning I would drink my tea, aloe juice and shake around 8:00 AM. Then I waited until close to around 1:00 PM every day to have lunch. For lunch… well… believe it or not I usually had a couple of large slices of pizza. I was there with a friend of mine from New York and he and I have a thing for meat lovers pizza, so that’s what we usually ate for lunch. Every once in a while I’d have a cheeseburger and a bag of potato chips.

After lunch I continued to spend time outside in the hot sun. Again, I think this was a big contributing factor to my Herbalife weight loss.

Dinner time was around 7:00 PM for me and I’d have another shake with my tea and aloe juice. That would hold me over until around 10:30 PM. Most nights I would snack on a bag of chips because I usually got hungry before I went to sleep.

So when the question comes up as to whether or not Herbalife works, I say it again: For me it definitely did.

I’m not a doctor so I can’t really advise you on how to do your own diet, but I hope this helps you get an idea of what Herbalife can do, and I hope it’s some inspiration for your own personal weight loss goals.

If you have any interest in trying Herbalife products, please be sure to check out my online store by clicking the button to the right. It helps me when you do!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the contact form. I’d love to help you out!

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