Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Erick and I’m an independent distributor of Herbalife products. If you’re here to buy Herbalife online, just click here to get to my online store and register. It’s very simple. I created this website as a platform for all my friends out there who are looking to buy Herbalife online. You’ll find buttons throughout the site that you can click if you’re ready to purchase Herbalife online, but I’d like to tell you a little bit about my story:

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herbalife before and after

Before Herbalife I weighed about 210 pounds (and at one point I think I may have gotten up to 220 or so). I couldn’t do a push-up, sit ups were a nightmare, the thought of running made me tired, and I was addicted to junk food. Unfortunately I didn’t know anything about Herbalife at the time, and I definitely wasn’t thinking to buy Herbalife online.

Buy Herbalife Online WomenI met a lady and her husband, (Adela and Ray) while I was on a trip in Florida. I happened to come across their Herbalife shop and I decided to give it a try.

I immediately fell in love with the shakes! At the time I didn’t even know that they were supposed to help me lose weight. I just kept showing up and having the shakes every day.

Well needless to say I lost some weight… A lot of weight! In fact, in a few short months I got myself down to 165 pounds! That was nearly 60 pounds that I had lost.

Well, I moved away and didn’t know where to go to buy Herbalife after that. I had always gone to Adela and Ray’s shop to buy the product.

Today I’m still going strong with Herbalife and I’ve created this website so that anybody else who is inspired to lose weight can buy Herbalife online and work on the ultimate goal of getting skinny!

I’d love to hear about your results that you get! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you just need a little inspiration every once in a while. I truly wish you the best and all the success in the world when it comes to your weight loss!